Real Racing cars


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A bolt on Kit to convert most types of single seater to Suzuki Hayabusa Power

No modification of original car required

Annual running costs reduced by 75%

80Kgs weight reduction

Faster Lap times

Paddle Shift

Easy maintenance


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Fully built Cars


Real Racing Cars


Tattus ( formula renault)



​Most models


kit can be adapted to most rear engine applications or projects

please contact us for your custom requirements

As well as our superb kits we offer complete ready to run cars from as little as £29,995.00 Fastest and faster per £ than any other 2 litre single seater on sale today.  Contact us for race or test opportunities in 2017

If you're serious about racing get real

RRC Kits

Beautifully designed and manufactured  in the UK to aircraft standards. Our kits not only enhance the performance of your car but give you a stunning finish you can be proud of. Requiring no modification of the original car just plug and play.

Our aim is to bring the latest carbon fibre chassis, single seater racing to all without the worry of expensive engine and gearbox failures. Faster lap times, dramatically reduced running costs