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Element 2

We are very proud of our unique transaxle unit. Machined from aircraft grade aluminium it is incredibly strong and yet light. Featuring a williams racing differential ensuring the power is delivered to the track  when and where you need it. Ready to accept your current suspension.  

Manufactured and developed to the highest possible standards the Real Racing Cars kit is specifically designed to be easy for any competent engineer to fit in your own workshop. Simply order the kit you want which will normally be delivered within 3 days it contains everything you need down to every last nut, bolt and washer. Real Racing Cars offer a fitting service if required.

Element 1

A stunningly finished frame, made from a combination of square and tubular high quality steel. Tig welded for maximum strength and incredibly rigidity. The frame is a direct bolt on replacement for the Renault engine which is easily fitted with no chassis modification required. 

Element 3

What can we say about the incredible Suzuki Hayabusa  1340 K8 engine. Incredible power and Light weight, superb reliability 200bhp 10,000 rpm limit. After we have sprinkled the RRC magic including RRC remap, Racing exhaust etc we have a reliable 225bhp and 11,000 rpm in a sub 400kg car 

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